The local kindergarden opened it’s doors in 2008. Today the kindergarden numbers 72 children split into four rooms determined by age. The costs are as follows:
child under the age of 3. 1.945 kr per month. Child over the age of 3 – until first grade – 1.550 kr. per month for 11 months of the year.

There is also a recreation centre for children that have started primary school available at kr. 990 per month. The centre is called Spírin and can be reached at tlf. 740414


Kristina Larsen, Rector tlf. 740410


The shool has classes for primary schoolers up to 7th grade. Further compulsory education takes place at Skúlin við Streymin (8th through to 10th grade)


Tom Joensen, Rector – Eiðis skúli Tlf. 740470