Practical information

Contact information: Contact the office on phone 200400.

The office is open monday through  thursday from 09:00 – 15:00.


Mayor: Rógvi Egilstoft, tlf 740400

Secretary: Guðrun Ejdesgaard tlf. 740430

Website/Social Media: Martin Kristoffur Kristiansen, tlf. 740431.

Supervisor of the football pitch and the adjacent building: Oddur Ejdesgaard, tlf. 740445

Supervisor of the school and sportshall: Nikkel Nielsen


Board of finance

Chairman – Rógvi Egilstoft


Tonny S. Kruse

Annsy Høghamar

Board of constructional and technical affairs

Chairman – Tummas Súni Joensen


Kristian Martin Juul

Tove K. Sørensen

Board of local events and culture

Chairwoman – Fríða J. Joensen

Board members

Tove K. Samuelsen

Tummas Súni Joensen

Board of industry and harbour

Chairman – Tonny S. Kruse


Kristian Martin Juul

Tummas Súni Joensen