The Eiði stone

In the centre of Eiði, a large stone stands, fastened to a building. This stone has been used numerous times and by many men, to show physical prowess. It is most associated with an 18th century man by the name of Jógvan Andrasson (possibly Andersen) known locally as Jógvan í Glasstovuni. He was reported to be a man of great strength and could easily lift the stone, which weighs in at 364,5 kg. (803,5 lbs.)

Numerous attempts have been made to lift the stone down the years. A handful were successful, but most did fail. One of the most notable attempts was made by the Icelander Jón Páll Sigmarsson, a strongman, who was the world’s strongest man at the time of his attempt, which was made in 1987. Despite winning the title of World’s strongest man on four separate occasions, Jón Páll was unsuccessful in his attempt. Mainly due to issues with his lifting technique, according to locals present at the event. Today, the stone stands as a reminder of, and tribute to Jógvan Andrasson í Glasstovuni, Jón Páll Sigmarsson and all others who attempted to lift it.