The Giant and The Witch

The two stacks by the name of The Giant and The Witch are arguably the most well known sea stacks of The Faroe Islands.

According to legend, the ancient giants of Iceland wanted The Faroes to be part of Iceland. The Giant and The Witch were sent across the sea to complete this momentous task.

They both arrived at the cliff of the outermost cliff by the name of Eiðiskollur. The Giant remained in the ocean, while the witch climbed the cliff in order to fix a rope to the cliff. The cliff tore however and therefore, The Witch had to find another point, but all attempts failed. As dawn broke, the Witch was still atop the cliff. Frightened, she hurried down to The Giant, waiting for her in the ocean. They took to long and as the sun shone upon them, they were turned to stone, where they stand to this day.