Twin towns

Since 1982, Eiði has been part of the inter Nordic organization Foreningen Norden.

Through Norrønafelagið, as it is known in Faroese, Eiði has gained twin town status with a number of towns throughout the Nordic countries, as well as one in Greenland and northern Germany. These towns are the folllowing:


Holmestrand, Norway

Holmestrand coat of arms

Siglufjørður, Iceland

Municipal coat of arms of Fjallabyggð, of which Siglufjörður constitutes one half.

Vänersborg, Sweden

Vänersborgs municipal coat of arms

Kangasala, Finland

Kangasala coat of arms

Herning, Denmark

Herning coat of arms

Arsuk, Greenland

Sermersooq municipal coat of arms

Husby, Northern Germany

Husby coat or arms


Åland coat of arms