Among the most beautiful areas of the country, with ample oppertunities for photography, hiking, and camping, Eiði municipality is well visited by tourists from all around the world. From the hamlets of Svínáir and Ljósá with their tranquil surroundings, to the village of Eiði, with the local camping area and a shop that sells anything you need. Eiði municipality welcomes you!

Below you will find information about possible activities in and around Eiði.

Eiði boasts a beautiful camping site, located on the disused football pitch. Every summer, caravans flock to “Mølin” to take in the scenery and atmosphere. The camping site plays host to occasional concerts. The site is managed by Jógvan í Skorini. He can be reached by phone at 53 03 33

The surrounding area is child-friendly, with plenty of oppertunities to play and explore nature.


Beautiful Lake Eiði, which is within walking distance of the village, has many beautiful spots for trout fishing. It also plays host to an annual, day long fishing competition. The competition is typically held in early july.


The surrounding hills and mountains provide travelers with vast oppertunities for hiking. The local tour guide, Jan Thomsen, can be reached by phone at 272340.  We call on all travelers to please respect nature and local wildlife.

Risin and Kellingin

Risin og Kellingin (Faroese for The Giant and The Witch) are two legendary seastacks situated just off the coast of northern Eysturoy. Legend has it, that back in ancient times, when giants roamed Iceland, they planned to travel to The Faroes and drag them back home to Iceland. And so it was, that two of these giants were sent on this mission, carrying with them only a piece of rope. Traveling under the cover of darkness, they eventually reached the far north of Eysturoy, mere hundreds of metres from the village of Eiði.

The Giant threw the rope onto the top of the cliff while the Witch fastened it to the ground. Upon attempting to pull the rope, the top of the cliff cracked and a deep fissure appeared, that is still visible to this day. After several failed attemps, daybreak was closing in and in a panic, the pair attempted to shield themselves from the sun but to no avail. Today the pair stand petrified, gazing longingly toward their ancient home.