Football is by far the most popular sport in The Faroe Islands. Eiði being no exception.

The original football club was established on feburary 23rd in 1913, making it the oldest football club on the island of Eysturoy. The first few years were spent on building a football pitch which was completed in 1916. The first game was played against players from the village of Fuglafjørður. It was under rather unusual circumstances however, since the dimensions of the pitch only allowed for a 9 a-side game. These matches continued for a number of years. A competition proper was established in 1942. Eiðis Bóltfelag applied for and was given a license to play in the 2nd division. This was to be the division that the club most commonly played in during the following decades. At times yo-yoing between the second and third tier of Faroese football.

Meanwhile, in the village of Hvalvík, on the island of Streymoy some 15 kilometers from Eiði, a new club saw the day of light. A club by the name of Streymur Hvalvík was established in 1976. Similarly to Eiðis Bóltfelag, Streymur struggled in the lower leagues. By the 1980’s, the idea of club unification arose amongst some elements within both clubs.  Like in most things, opinion was split asto whether it would be a good idea. Nevertheless, in 1993 the clubs unified to form the merger club EB/Streymur.

The club won it’s first promotion to the old first division in 1994, but the 1990’s were mostly spent in the second tier, with EB/Streymur building a team capable of competing at the top.

The mid to late 2000’s, going into the early 2010’s, would prove to be a golden age for the young club with them winning their first Faroe Islands cup in 2007. The following year the club won the so called double, winning both the cup and the league.

Honours in total:

League ( 2008, 2012)

Cup ( 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011)