The main cultural event in Eiði is undoubtedly the annual autumn celebration, known in Faroese as “Heystfagnaður”. The aim of the celebration or festival is to maintain the traditional Faroese autumn atmosphere and traditions. Over the course of three days, there is a schedule consisting of numerous events. From church service to taste tests, from concerts to a ram weighing competition. The festival started in the autumn of 2013 and remains very popular among locals and tourists alike.

In the village there is also a culture hall with state of the art sound technology. It has a seated capacity of Approx. 126 and is used for various types of concerts, shows and lectures.

The local sportshall is available for rent and offers various sports activites to the public, mainly futsal and badminton. It is available  to rent by calling the supervisor at 740450.

During the winter months, the school offers evening classes in various activites. The classes cost kr. 300 each and you sign up by contacting the teacher.

The classes offered and its teachers are the following:

Weaving, Poulina Jóanesardóttir, on tuesday evenings, tlf. 212344

Woolwork and sewing. Durita and Marita Reinert, weekends, tlf. 233483.

Genealogy, thursday evenings, Regin Ellingsgaard, tlf. 232380.

Accordion, Oddur Hentze, wednesday evenings, tlf 224171.

English for foreigners, Paula Bøgesvang, by appointment, 226280.

Chess for children, thurdsay evenings, Rógvi Egilstoft, tlf 740400.