The church of Eiði was built in 1881 and was taken into use on the 18th of september. At the time of construction, it was the largest building in the village by far. It was designed in 1879 by the Danish arcitect Hans Christian Amberg.

Church council: Chairman Katrin Højsted, Mainifløta 13, 470 Eiði.
Tlf. 423465.

Priest incumbent: Jonhard Jógvansson Tlf. 423003/237339.

Plymouth brethren

The history of the Plymouth brethren in Eiði goes back to the 1920’s. In the early years they would congregate in the dancehall and in private homes. By the late 1940’s the demand for permanent housing had risen and in october 1948, a hall stood ready and was taken into use by the brethren. It’s called Mizpa which translated from Hebrew means lighthouse.